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Other publications

For more information about, and access to, these publications, please contact Ruth Mourik or Renske Bouwknegt.

Mourik, R.M., Castaldi, C., Huijben, J.C.C.M. (2021 forthcoming)

Business models for energy efficiency services: four archetypes based on user-centeredness and dynamic capabilities.
Business Models for Sustainability Transformation. Edited by Annabeth Aagaard, Florian
Lüdeke-Freund, and Peter Wells. Palgrave MacMillan

Mourik, R.M., Bouwknegt, R. (2021)

What can entrepreneurs and their business models contribute to accelerating the energy transition?

Paper submitted and presented to the 2021 BEHAVE conference 21-23 April 2021.

Mourik, R.M., Bouwknegt, R. (2021)

Energy Service Business Models and Entrepreneurial Skills: Identifying Models and Patterns.

Paper submitted and presented at the Sustainable Places 2020, Online, 28–30 October 2020.

Den Hartog, F. (2020)

Agency by institutional entrepreneurs in the energy transition. 

Master thesis, Msc. Urban Environmental Management Wageningen University. Commissioned by: Duneworks / dr. Ruth Mourik, supervisor: dr. Jos Bijman, co-supervisor: dr. Gerben van der Velde

Mourik, R.M. and Breukers, S., Summeren, L.F.M. van, Wieczorek, A.C., (2019)

Community-based Virtual Power Plants: against all odds? 

Short Paper for the Sustainable Places Conference 2019, June 5-7th, Cagliari, Italy. 

Mourik, R.M., Breukers, S., van Summeren, L.F.M., Wieczorek, A.J., (2019).

The impact of the institutional context on the potential contribution of new business models to democratising the energy system.

In: Lopes, M., Henggeler Antunes, C., Janda, K.B. (Eds.)(2020).

Energy and Behaviour. Towards a Low Carbon Future, Academic Press, pp.209-235.

Den Hartog, F. (2019) 

Institutional entrepreneurship and (dynamic) capabilities within the energy transition: A merged concept. Literature research report, Msc. Urban Environmental Management Wageningen University

Tolkamp, J., Huijben, J.C.C.M., Mourik, R.M., Verbong, G.P.J. and Bouwknegt, R. (2018)

User-centred sustainable business model design: The case of energy efficiency services in the Netherlands.

Journal of Cleaner Production, 182, 755-764.


Mourik, R.M., Bouwknegt, R., (2017).

Mind your Business: entrepreneurs, their dynamic capabilities, context and new business models for energy efficiency services.

Paper submitted and presented at the 2017 eceee summer study.


Mourik, R.M., Bouwknegt, R., Castaldi, C., Huijben, H.J.J.C., 2016 

Effective business model design and entrepreneurial skills for energy efficiency services.

4th European Conference on Behaviour and Energy Efficiency. Presented at the BEHAVE conference 2016, Coimbra.



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